Clenbuterall is most often said to be one of the best legal steroids that will get you ripped and shredded.

Clenbuterall or “Clen” is sold as a “legal steroid” because of it’s pronounced muscle enhancement capabilities. Technically, Clen is a legal,non-prescription thermogenic / anti-lipogenic compound used for rapid fat loss in men but can be used by women also. Clenbuterall is the common fat burner used among competing bodybuilders and professional athletes.

Designed with the intent of being among the elite in pre workout supplements, Clen is also a powerful fat-burner with some similarities to Ephedrine yet far more powerfully effective.

While Clen is intended to act as a potent fat burner, muscle toner and anti-lipogenic, it is the exceptional fat-burning abilities that have intrigued so many and by and large without question it is the number one reason many buy Clenbuterall (Clen) in the first place. The reason is simple; Clenbuterall (Clen) greatly increases your total metabolic activity by stimulating the Beta-2 receptors; once this process is in play the results are very simple, we now use stored body-fat for energy to a higher degree. While direct fat-burning is the primary mode of action regarding its metabolic activity properties Clen has been shown to also greatly reduce total appetite; decreasing appetite can be useful to those struggling to lose weight.

How Clenbuterall (Clen) Works:
The process is rather simple; the key fat burning receptors are stimulated to increase metabolic activity. This increase leads to an increase in your core temperature (referred to as “thermogenesis”), due to an increase in cellular heat. This cellular increase is brought about by the mitochondria of the cells as they are what heats up thereby affecting the total body temperature. This increase in temperature increases metabolic rate, so you have a full circle effect apt towards promoting the use of stored body-fat for energy. In summary, Clenbuterall will increase energy much like potent pre workout supplements, it delievers thermogenic activity which will cause an increase in sweating and fat burning, and also has strong muscle retaining properties. This is what makes Clenbuterall the best product for getting abs fast, or delvering that overall cut and shredded physique that bodybuilders want right before they step on stage for a competition.

The Benefits of Clenbuterol (Clen):
Obviously it goes without saying; if you supplement with Clenbuterall, you’re going to burn more body-fat, keep all your lean muscle and totally enhance your physique very rapidly. All users report an instant increase in energy, strength and stamina. Users will literally be stronger on their very first workout in lifts like bench pressing and squatting. Even so, fat-loss remains its primary force of action but Clenbuterall (Clen) also unsuspectingly carries with it anabolic muscle building properties. Although the anabolic nature of this drug is very mild it has been shown to have the ability to slightly increase fat-free mass. As you understand the more fat-free mass we hold the greater our metabolism functions; again, this only promotes the fat-burning abilities of Clenbuterall (Clen).

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Side Effects of Clenbuterall (Clen):
Clenbuterall is very safe. Occasionally users get anxious to see more results, or to achieve those results much faster- they take more than the recommened dose. This could result in some minor side effects. Although not life threatening, they can be very annoying.
Clenbuterall should to be taken earlier in the day because it does promote an increae in energy. If taken too late in the evening, it can disrupt your sleeping pattern.
While cramps and jitters are annoying they are not seriously problematic. The simplest way to avoid this is to avoid carbonated drinks (like soda pop), avoid caffeine, and stay very hydrated. Weight training athletes should be drinking no less than half a gallon of water daily. For best results you should be drinking 1 gallon per day.

How To Use Clenbuterall (DOSE):
The recommended dose for Clenbuterall is 1-2 capsules, approximately 20 minutes prior to training or competing, taken with a full glass of water.
For best results this product should be used no more than 4 months at a time. This is not due to any dangers or health risks, but because the body adapts to it and becomes less effectine in the final weeks after 90 days. 4 months is optimal for those seeking a phenomenal and dramatic change in their physique.

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