Is Post Cycle Therapy Needed With Legal Steroids ?

Post Cycle Therapy or “P.C.T.”, is one of the most important follow up measures an athlete or bodybuilder must take in order to maximize, sustain and continue to make gains while in-between cycles or stacks. Although P.C.T. is not an anabolic steroid at all – it can be used as a safe anabolic steroid alternative, for those who wish to be “all natural”.

Post cycle therapy compounds like PCT-Rx are used to restore hormonal levels, optimize anabolism, provide supplemental support and act as an anti catabolic and need to be IMMEDIATELY used afte any cycle. P.C.T.’s are completely safe. In fact they are designed to purify and restore the body after a cycle or stack. It’s the best way to keep making gains AFTER your cycle has ended. No one wants to lose all their progress after their cycle.

No harmful side effects reported. Users commonly report a mild increase in the frequency of erections (as a result of the testosterone boosting effects), and a mild increase in energy and stamina. Ths product is safe and is actually designed to act as a “cleanse” for after cycle use.

Although Post cycle therapy is not promoted as a muscle builder or fat burner, you will see that PCT-Rx DOES in fact induce even further enhancements in your physique. This is why not only is P.C.T. great for using after a cycle, but also can be used as a safe steroid alternative. Users report an instant increase in sex drive and libido, mental clarity,slight increase in energy, better sleep patterns, harder erections, increases in lean muscle mass, fat loss (particularly in the abdominal region) and faster workout recovery (less soreness).

HOW TO TAKE P.C.T. (Dose):
PCT-Rx requires 1-2 capsules per day. The day IMMEDIATELY after your cycle has ended, take 1 capsule approximately 30 minutes prior to working out (drink with a full glass of water). Take 1 capsule per day for the first week. If you feel you need to boost your training intensity or need more you can take 2 capsules per day. Be sure to drink plenty of water during your training sessions as well as increasing your protein intake.

Each Bottle Contains 30 Capsules: $40 Per Bottle


Is Post Cycle Therapy Needed With Legal Steroids ?
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