What Are Legal Steroids ?

“Legal steroids” are generally non prescription anabolic promoting compounds. Legal steroid is a commonly used term to categorize any FDA Approved muscle building dietary supplement that has been reported to deliver a legitimate anabolic steroid-type result. Legal steroids can be used to gain weight, build muscle mass, lose fat, and build strength.

“Legal steroids” contain potent compounds and formulas of legal, non-prescription, FDA approved dietary supplement ingredients. For this reason, these products remain 100% legal under local,state and federal laws. Prohormones that are not banned or under any safety recalls by the FDA are also referred to as legal steroids.

The products being advertised as “legal steroids” are typically very potent muscle building compound designed for competing bodybuilders or other very serious athletes only.

Side effects:
Side effects are rarely an issue unless the products is abused.

These substances are available in tablet and capsule form. Liquid forms ,such as oral sprays,are also available.

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